Organizations bring in SenseSmart in times of shift; when of taking stock & re-grouping; times when forward motion seems stalled for invisible or entrenched reasons; when it is particularly important to capture diverse points of view and develop a clear vision and map a fresh way forward. We also come in when there is a need for rapid efficient learning, knowledge cross-polination, and resilient adaptation into a new game.

Combine Visual Faciliatation with culture and personality assessments, and a rich toolkit of organizational and learning tools to helping groups understand individual, culture, and system dynamics in ways that free up action. Each situation is unique, and 20 years of experience with individuals and groups at critical times help us efficiently support optimized understanding, communication and productivity.

Examples of some activities may include training of key team members in areas such as aligned communication, people and culture patterns, inner capabilities and/or various types of facilitation; as needed. Consulting is often in conjunction with coaching or Visual Facilitation. Call us, let us know your situation, we’ll map out some possibilities..