For over 20 years, work with groups and individuals has led to creation of graphics tailored to the aligned , meaningful graphics.Mindful of learning-style efficiency, we graphically support communication of important moments and messages.

Nusa Maal is director of SenseSmart Consulting International; a company that brings multisensory methods of coaching, facilitation, consulting and communication arts to individuals and groups to expand perspective, insight, creativity and effectiveness.

Nusa is an innovator in the fields of multisensory learning, culture mapping, and visual facilitation. She worked extensively with learning innovator and MindMapping inventor, Tony Buzan, and is co-author of Mapping Inner Space, 2nd Ed., with Nancy Margulies. She is co-designer of the Riding the Current Workbook, and has illustrated numerous books including: Riding the Current by Madelyn Blair, PHD; Soundtracks for Learning by Chris Brewer, MA; How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci (also wrote drawing section), by Michael Gelb, among others.

In addition to articles on diverse people patterns, and multisensory learning, she’s also created several visual references for personality and other human studies. Nusa has also studied the nature of creativity and genius’ through history; and conducted international culture studies to map the different ways groups access the broad bandwidth of human perception. Working with leaders in various fields around the world, Nusa has developed innovative ways to make invisible patterns understandable and navigable. These approaches help people gain strategic insight in situations of complexity; around culture patterns; communication; leadership needs; and relationships to knowledge and understanding.

Nusa’s worked for over 15 years in fields including: Energy, Pharmaceutical, Agribusiness, Finance, Education, NGOs, Non-Profits, and Enterpreneurial endeavors. In addition to her work with private organizations and corporations, Nusa has visually facilitated key events in public settings. She mapped the first community dialogue after 9.11 to explore what to rebuild and commemorate.

Nusa visually facilitated NASA’s recovery gathering after the Challenger crash. Nusa also created an overall visual synthesis of the proceedings of the Parliament on World Relitions after the Madrid bombings. Nusa’s passion for engagement in multi-sensory ways stems from a neurological gift, synesthesia, (the involuntary convergence of the senses), which surfaces in 10 in a million adults… and that she, and other researchers believe, exists naturally in all children before age 2. Former nationally-syndicated Spanish- language radio host, Nusa Maal, studied Interpretational Theory and Latin American Studies at Tulane University, in New Orleans, followed by Socio-Economic & Culture studies at the Universidad de Belgrano in Buenos Aires.

She is a diplomate in Gestalt Psychotherapy; is certified in Family Constellation Systems work; and has been involved in ongoing studies of psychodynamics over the last decade. She is currently completing the book, Windows into People. Nusa enjoys nature, travel, exploration, martial arts, yoga, painting, reading, savoring time with dear ones, and family play and discovery with Kevin, their four-year old daughter, Kyra, two-year old son, Kai and poodle, Sierra.