Make the most of valuable time together with Visual Facilitation. Too often we meet and what feels important dissolves. When the right people get together, it is worthwhile to capture and optimize those meaningful moments together.

Traditional meeting tools are limited: Language is sequential, as one thought disappears in the face of the next. Powerpoints and laundry lists of actions and issues lack context. They tend to heap more onto the action-oriented, and stress transactional relating; rather than illuminate deeper, meaning-based resolutionary efficiencies.

By visually mapping the essence of what arises in a gathering, people are able to actually see what is said, confirm what is meant, make sure silent voices are visible, and then be able to reference and build on eachother’s thoughts. VIsual Faciliation helps people understand the many-layered whole. Simply seeing the invisible connections yields next-generation insights, freeing the possibility for simpler, elegant solutions.

Nusa Maal has successfully Visually Facilitated pivotal moments in the lives of organizations around the world for over 15 years. She brings the combination of extensive experience, ongoing studies in human and culture dynamics, and multi-sensory accelerated learning practices with art in service of meaningful meetings.