What is SenseSmart?

SenseSmart is a creativity, intelligence and communication-building company that uses multi-sensory methods to develop leaders, vision, alignment and meaningful messaging.

SenseSmart represents a wholistic approach to learning. If a product, service or activity is “Sense-Smart,” then by design and definition it is activating a concert of human intelligences.

SenseSmart learning works from the inside-out because these intelligences are subtle, interconnected and deep. We help clients develop visions, communications, and solutions to subtle, complex and dynamic challenges that prove to be efficient, lasting and powerful.

Who we are?

After twenty years visually facilitating pivotal moments in the lives of diverse groups and individuals around the world, synesthete, Nusa Maal founded SenseSmart to provide experiences, processes and products to engage a broader bandwidth of natural human intelligence. We are here to expand perspective, awaken multi-layered understanding, enhance creativity, deepen connections and clarify optimized paths for action that will free up individuals and groups for excellence and meaningful results.

SenseSmart associates are creative, dynamic humans who do the impossible on a regular basis. We help clients access and mobilize their own unique blend of naturally compassionate intelligence and visionary genius. Around the world and across industries; with diverse individuals, leaders, learning organizations, communities and corporations, we’ve substantially supported experiences to awaken new perspectives, distill the essence of what most matters, and clarify optimizing actions.